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Our Mission

In keeping with the International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research’s (INCFAR) mission, the INCFAR Institutional Review Board (IRB) was established in May, 2016. The board as an independent international body is committed to guarantee the highest ethical and scientific standards for all investigations across the globe. The INCFAR-IRB is registered with the Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP) with IRB number IORG0008855 [follow link:]. Presently, all activities of the board are fully funded by INCFAR.



The INCFAR-IRB consists of Twelve (10) distinguished members.

Cherkasov, Aleksandr A. - Chair of INCFAR-IRB

Molchanova, ViolettaAdministrator of INCFAR-IRB

Smigel, MichalMember of INCFAR-IRB

Ivantsov, Vladimir - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Mikhailov, Andrey - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Degtyarev, Sergey - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Magsumov, Timur - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Tamarashvili, Tamar - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Mitiukov, Nicholas - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Biriukov, Pavel - Member of INCFAR-IRB

Meeting Schedules:

The INCFAR-IRB meets at the end of each month to review protocols. Depending on the number of protocols, the board may meet more than once in a particular month.  Protocols should be submitted at least two weeks before the end of the month to the INCFAR-IRB Secretariat. The secretariat is permanently hosted at Sochi, Russian Federation.


Considerations before sending us your protocol:

 Before sending your proposal to INCFAR-IRB, all Investigators / Researchers must agree completely to the following conditions:

  • Investigators / Researchers will send us an amended copy of your proposal, should there be any changes in the originally approved project for review and approval before carrying out.
  • Investigators / Researchers will report all unethical cases or events during the course of implementing their investigations within the same day. Investigators must also state in writing, the measures they took to resolve them. If needed, compensations must be supported with legal attestations.
  • Investigators / Researchers will send a final report after completing their projects.
  • Investigators / Researchers will submit annual progress reports for review and renewal if they are not done within a year.
  • Investigators / Researchers will ensure that all comments and suggestions provided by the board will be strictly effected and followed under the highest ethical scope.
  • Investigators / Researchers will take responsibility of all unethical and adverse effects that participants/respondents/subjects will experience after ethics approvals have been issued to them.


  • Investigators / Researchers consent that INCFAR-IRB reserves the right to refuse renewal or terminate an already existing ethics approval.
  • INCFAR-IRB as an independent body cannot be prosecuted based on our decisions on a protocol.



Submission of Protocol

This is the submission guidelines for the INCFAR-IRB at Sochi, Russian Federation. Submission of a protocol gives INCFAR-IRB the full right to review, approve, renew, and / or to terminate the project.

All Protocols [copies of the proposal and all supporting documents in pdf] in English must be submitted to the INCFAR-IRB Secretariat at Sochi, Russian Federation via address 89a, Gorkogo str., office 4, Sochi, Russian Federation, 354000 or e-mail:


Required Protocol documents in English:

  • A covering letter [on institutional letterhead] with name(s) and signature(s) of investigator(s) / researcher(s).
  • A Complete Proposal Covering the Following Topics:
    • Cover Page [Title of Protocol; Country of Origin; Details of Investigators (Title, Name, Qualification, Institution, Postal Address, Telephone, Fax Number, E-mail Address, and Website if available); Source(s) of Funding if available].
    • Executive summary [a page summary of the proposal].
    • Introduction [Background; Problem statement; Objective(s); Research Question(s)/Hypothesis; Justification/Relevance].
    • Literature Review
    • Methodology [Design, Population/Subjects, Sample Size, Inclusion/exclusion criteria, instruments, Procedure, Data handling/analysis procedures]
    • Dissemination of Findings
    • Ethical Issues [vulnerable populations, possible risks and measures/solutions, possible benefits, confidentiality, consent etc.].
    • References [Provide a full reference list using American Psychological Association Style, Harvard Style, or Vancouver Style]
    • Timelines/Work Schedule
    • Research Team Members and their respective roles
    • Budget & Logistics [state possible source(s) of funding]
    • Appendix
      • Consent Form [written in simple and clear language]
      • Samples of Data Collection Instruments [add permission letters if required]
      • Investigator’s CV
      • Any other attachments



There is NO PROCESSING FEE for all protocols submitted to INCFAR-IRB.