Cherkas Global University
International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied
Research LLC
The United States of America (USA)
Cherkas Global University


The University’s mission is the comprehensive study of man’s activity amid war and peace.


The mission is to be accomplished through resolving the following objectives:

— conducting applied and fundamental studies across social, technical, and natural sciences;

— spreading and popularizing knowledge that falls within the University’s remit;

— arranging discussions on war and peace issues.



The effectiveness of scientific institution is estimated by the following indicators in the world:

1. The number of publications. In this case,  there is estimated the influence of the journals in which these publications were made (for Scopus − the quartile, and for WoS − the impact factor), the citation of works and directly resulting from the previous parameters, the h-index of the organization; 

2. The number of international patent applications. This takes into account the applications made under the affiliation of the organization.