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Shooting training has always been an integral part of the culture in Cherkas Global University. The first attempts to develop this sport were made already in the period of the creation of the cadet class in January 1993, then this work was wellpracticed in 1996—1999. These classes were also carried out subsequently, but this training has reached to a qualitatively new level since 2020, when completely different equipment became available for classes.

On August 1,2022, on the 30th anniversary of the Cherkas Global University, the Rifle Association was established, the Charter of the organization and its logo were published, and this means that the Rifle Association at the university has finally acquired its legal status. The creation of this organization was preceded by an almost 30-year history of shooting sports at the university, which clearly demonstrated the presence of deep roots of mass sports events in this scientific institution.

The history of shooting training at the university can be viewed here.

Shooting training classes are held once a month both at open shooting ranges and indoors.