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The Hiking Club at the Cherkas Global University started its work in 1996. In total, between 1996 and 2022, the scientific, pedagogical and administrative staff of the Cherkas Global University inclusive made about 100 hikes in the mountains with the number of one-time overnight stays from one to ten. If in 1996 the conquered peaks did not exceed the height of 1 thousand meters above sea level (Western Caucasus), then since 1999 regular ascents to the peaks of 2 thousand and 3 thousand meters began to be arranged, and since 2005 to the peaks of 5 thousand meters (Greater Caucasus, Mount Elbrus and Kazbek). The routes covered such countries as the USA, Norway, Georgia, Russia and Armenia. During these expeditions, the scientific research was also carried out, and the publications in highly rated journals were the results of this process, and also rational proposals.

The history of the Hiking Club at the university can be found here.