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P.A. Cherkasov Fundamental Electronic Library

The library was founded on January 10,2020.


On August 1,2022, the library received the following name — P.A. Cherkasov Fundamental Electronic Library. Prokopii Antonovich Cherkasov (1659−1725) was a representative of the Cherkasovs (Keretskys) family. In the early 1700s, there was a shelter for visually impaired people on his farmstead in the village of Keret (the territory of the Moscow Kingdom). Thus still at the beginning of the XVIII century the representatives of the Cherkasovs (Keretskys) family performed an important social function in the public life of Russian society.


The library has more than 60 thousand volumes in Russian, English and German. Most of the library consists of books from the period of the 19th — early 20th centuries dedicated to the Russian Empire.

The library includes newspapers, journals and books. The library interface includes a journal room with newspapers and journals, as well as the following ones: collections of documents, descriptions of territories, and a collection of regimental histories.


А significant selection of newspapers from the period of the Russian Civil War, as well as the collaborationist periodicals from the period of World War II is of special interest among the newspapers.

The head of the library is Irina Cherkasova.