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The results of the Third International Competition

On February 17,2022, the Third (annual) international scientific research competition “Slavery in the past and present” was announced. The founders, as in the last time (2020), were the East European Historical Society, the Cherkas Global University (Washington, USA), as well as KAD International (Effiduase-Koforidua, Eastern Region, Ghana).

The prize fund of the contest remained unchanged — $ 2,250.

Summing up the results of the competition was timed to December 2,2022 (this day is the international day for the abolition of slavery and has been celebrated since 1949). 

So, according to protocol, the works from the following countries were submitted to the competition: USA, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and Russian Federation.

The committee on summing up the results of the competition, as before, decided to distribute the prize fund in equal shares ($ 450 each) among the five best works. The following works were selected among the best:

— Peretyatko A.Yu. (USA). Caucasian women in Russian imperial clerical work narrative: representation of women in the “Circassian Slave Narrative” (1792—1800);

— Dudarev S.L. (Russian Federation). On the representatives of the Russian side with deviant behavior, including the trade in prisoners, in the North-Western Caucasus in the late 18th — mid19th centuries;

— Tadjieva F.J. (Uzbekistan). The emergence and specific aspects of slavery in Khiva Khanate. Sources of slavery, slave markets, and their prices;

— Golovlyov A.A. (Russian Federation). On the question of slaves and princes among Chechens and Ingush;

— Honcharenko A.V. (Ukraine). To the issue of the system of punishment of slaves in the Caucasus in the second half of the XVIII — first half of the XIX centuries.